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Using the Catalog
Using the Catalog

Before you begin your research, please take a minute to acquaint yourself with the home page of the Library catalog. Below the Search box, you will find a short description of some Boolean searches.  Try them out and find the search strategy that works best for you.

All materials are searchable through the on-line catalog by author, title, subject or key word.  If you need assistance in your search, please do not hesitate to ask the Library staff.

The catalog is accessible after Library hours via the Library website: then select Library Catalog from the right hand frame.  Voila!  Let the search begin!

The on-line catalog has several features that are helpful.  On the homepage, please note the 6 tabs.  They allow you to see what’s new in the collection, manage your account and give you access to the ALTA and CPI databases.  These features will save you time, allow you to renew certain Library items and take control of your research.  If you would like a quick tutorial, please ask any of the Library staff.