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Responsibility of Library Usage
Responsibility of Library Usage

The Adam Cardinal Maida Alumni Library has collected and maintained materials for over 100 years.  Many materials are irreplaceable. To ensure that materials are suitable for enjoyment in years to come, please treat each item with care.

Overdue, Lost, and Damaged Materials

If you fail to renew the item, on the 29th day, overdue fees are .25 cents per item per day except for audio-visual materials, which are $1.00 per day per item. The book return box is always available for materials that must be returned when the Library is closed. The maximum penalty per returned item is $50.00 per item. In the event that the item is lost or destroyed, the maximum charge would be replacement cost (including shipping and handling) plus a processing fee of $25.00.

Failure to return Library materials or pay Library fines may incur the loss of Library privileges, withholding of report cards, academic transcripts, and/or other academic penalties.