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St. Jerome: Patron Saint of Librarians
St. Jerome: Patron Saint of Librarians

St. Jerome, saint and Doctor of the Church, patron saint of librarians and libraries, archivists, Bible scholars, schoolchildren, students, and translators. St. Jerome is best known for his translation of most of the Bible into Latin (the translation later known as the Vulgate) and his commentaries on the Gospels. In art often shown with lion, in cardinal attire, with cross, skull, trumpet, owl, books, and writing materials.

On September 30, 2020, St. Jerome’s feast day, his life was celebrated with The Apostolic Letter SCRIPTURAE SACRAE AFFECTUS of Pope Francis On the Sixteen Hundredth Anniversary of the Death of Saint Jerome.

Jan van Eyck – Saint Jerome in His Study – 25.4 – Detroit Institute of Arts