Maida Alumni Library Inside

Maida Alumni Library Inside

The Adam Cardinal Maida Alumni Library is located in Orchard Lake, Michigan. The Library serves the students of SS. Cyril and Methodius Seminary and St. Mary’s Preparatory as well as the clients of the Polish Mission.

Adam Cardinal Maida Alumni Library

Adam Cardinal Maida Alumni Library

The library is also home to a collection entirely in Polish on a number of topics and is also home to a rare book collection that focuses on Poland and Polonia.

Library Collections

Library Collections

The library has more than 96,000 volumes and 150 subscriptions to academic journals. The library is also a part of OCLC.

Special Events & Exhibits

Special Events & Exhibits

This Web site is intended to inform our community of developments and emerging models for the creation, sharing, publishing, and archiving of scholarship. We will regularly update the site with information about developing issues, policy debates, tools you can use, and proposed models.

Polish & Rare Books

Polish & Rare Books

The library’s Rare Book Room houses Polish-language books published before 1946, and books in other languages which are considered Rare because of age, subject matter, fragility, or provenance.

Individualized Research

Individualized Research

We also accept appointments for more in-depth individualized research needs. Please call or email the library if you wish to have extended one-on-one time with a librarian.

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An end to words. Deeds now.

The world is shaken.

The deep and secret way of thunder

is rent apart.

Fiery wreaths of lightning flash.

Whirlwinds toss the swirling dust.

The blasts of all the winds are battling in the air,

and sky and sea are one.

On me the tempest falls.

It does not make me tremble.

O holy Mother Earth, o air and sun,

behold me. I am wronged.





To me, you epitomize the Brotherhood.  You are all so special.

May Peace follow you in your travels. Reach for the stars!

-And always remember:  never say 10 words when 3 will do.  ‘Nuff said.  Love you!



Congratutions to our 2013 Seminary Graduates!

We are so very proud of each and every one of you!

May God bless and keep you in your travels.  — The Library Team


Master of Divinity


Gabriel Barrera

Rev. Mr. Piotr Buczek

Rev. Mr. Piotr Calik

Rev. Mr. Michal Falgowski

Rev. Mr. Zenon Kurzyna

Rev. Mr. Przemyslaw Nowak

Leszek Trojanowski


Completion of the Program of Priestly Formation


Rev. Mr. Marek Herbut



Master of Arts in Theology


Br. Gregory David Jones, O.S.B.

Rev. Mr. Przemyslaw Nowak

Daniel Nymberg

Steven Petty

Pawel Tomczyk



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