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Liberty cannot be enjoyed by an uneducated people. -Fr. Joseph Dabrowski

A New Book, A New Thought, A New Outlook

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – Banned Books week –


I am so very proud to say that we teach a lot of Banned Books here at OLSM.  I can definitely say that I’m with the Banned!  When I see each year’s list, which always includes the Bible, the Koran, the dictionary and many from what is considered to be the literary canon – I often wonder what chemicals bubble up in a person’s brain to ban a book.  Unfortunately, even in a digital world, attempted censorship seems to never fade away.

Judy Blume, J.K. Rowling, Margaret Mitchell, Galileo and Antonio Rosmini are all banned authors.  Read them today!  Let the flame of independent thought burn bright!


Genealogy Roadshow – A Premiere Event – September 22, 2013


Please see our very talented staff at the Polish Mission to reserve your spot for a lovely fall afternoon.  While half of the proceeds benefit of the Polish Mission, the entire day will bring you joy for months to come.  Space is limited, so please purchase your ticket today.



50th Anniversary of March on Washington – Wednesday, August, 28

View pieces of historic speeches and interviews and also a timeline, a brief biography of Dr. King, and links to YouTube videos with speeches by and about Dr. King.  Inspiring words.  Create a just world for yourself and others.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Historic Speeches and Interviews:

Dr. King Interviews


Also available as a YouTube Playlist:

Dr. King YouTube Playlist





A website for book lovers only


Books should be free, shouldn’t they?  Check this site out for all kinds of great reading and listening of classic books:

Free Public Domain Audiobooks & eBooks
Download books for iPhone, Android, Kindle & mp3 players